Agile Development

Traditionally software companies follow the "waterfall model."

Waterfall Traditional

You work your way down through each stage but the problem is— you can't go back up! That matters because it's impossible to accurately define all your requirements at the beginning. What you initially thought you (or the user) wanted is almost never what you want by the end. 

An agile process is more flexible and cost-effective.

Waterfall Agile

Over the course of a typical project we go through many cycles called "iterations." In each iteration you get to experience that release, provide input for the next iteration, and prioritize how your development dollars will be spent. We have the flexibility to make changes based on your feedback.

Automated testing 

With each iteration we implement automated tests to make sure new features work perfectly and don't break anything. Testing helps find and fix any bugs so we can modify or add features with confidence.

Define the MVP

We'll help you define a "minimum viable product" with only those features required to launch your app or product. You'll gain insight from real customers and confidence in setting priorities for the next iteration.

Business benefits

  • No surprises! We agree on what to build for each iteration
  • See daily progress & have regular input
  • Control cost and eliminate guesswork
  • Proven level of quality
  • Fewer bugs and greater confidence when adding new features

Happy Clients

Remy Berger 2.39.57 Pm"Resolve Digital did an excellent job, were professional at all times and adapted quickly to our processes. Above all they were great guys to work with."

Remy Burger, Director of Product Management, Wildfire Interactive

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