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Small. Bobbly. Totally fearless.

Ace Rider combines a deceptively simple user experience of one-touch control with a clean and colorful design. Ace is winning fans, visibility and sales in Apple’s App Store.

Game play

Press one finger anywhere onscreen to accelerate. The challenge builds the farther you go. Get coins as you pass each checkpoint and bonus points for jumps, flips and wheelies. 

Graphics and sound

The visual style is beautifully shaded and finely textured. We used real 4-stroke motorbike sound samples. Listen for the birds chirping, snakes rattling and sirens wailing in the distance.

Game Center

Players gather achievements - single, double or triple flips; big air and huge air; and game completion. See how far your friends have made it and compete on the Leaderboard against other players.

Play for free. Upgrade with in-app purchases.

Ace Rider Bike Selection Small

You can grab or purchase coins to unlock seven awesome bikes and four exciting tracks. If your bike gets damaged you can even "call a mechanic" to have it repaired using your game coins. 





Rave reviews

"Sound is the star of the show. One touch control and depth by the bucketload... amid the sky high profile releases, here's a walnut sized solid gold nugget of native iOS goodness that should be nurtured and supported."
— Gabrien, TouchArcade review

“… strips away the complexity of similar titles and creates an intense, uncluttered gaming experience that’s a whole lot of fun-- as long as you’re up for a challenge... a quality game made by developers who clearly know how to design toward a platform’s strengths.”

— Chris Reed,

“ There's something intriguing about [the game] but honestly, I don't really know what it is... maybe it's the well-rendered little motorcyclist, but I found myself trying again and again to get to the next checkpoint and beat my previous score... there's a solid chunk of entertainment to be had here.”

— Mike Schramm, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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