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A Spree Certified Partner, Resolve Digital offers our clients (and your customers) the best implementations of the world's most flexible e-commerce platform.

We love Spree because it's an agile platform (powered by Ruby on Rails) that adapts to your needs and scales as your business grows. You know running an e-commerce site involves much more than simply building a storefront. That's just the first step. The new Spree "Wombat" connects any store to any service. It will grow with your business— so you can concentrate on your customers.

Cover Smart Shop Migration Pdf

Migrating to Spree: The Essential Guide

If you’re starting to realize the limitations of your existing ecommerce platform it’s time to consider replatforming to Spree Commerce.

Cover Smart Shop Processing Orders Pdf

A Guide to Processing Orders in Spree

Understanding how Spree works will help you find the right balance between customizations and modifying your internal processes.

Cover Smart Shop Machine Learning Pdf

An Introduction to Machine Learning for eCommerce

How machine learning can help improve the customer experience, increase your conversion rates, and boost sales across channels.

Happy Clients

Keiron"Resolve Digital's resolve (excuse the pun!) and client-centric attitude has meant consistently well thought-out, workable solutions to our business challenges. We’ve developed a deep sense of trust. We needed a partner to guide, support and produce ROI outcomes. Resolve Digital has been that partner."

Keiron Wratt, Digital & Connectivity Manager, United Cellars 

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