Enhancing eCommerce Rankings: The Impact of Ruby On Rails SEO

Sol Dieguez
Jun 4, 2022

It’s no secret that Ruby On Rails is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms to use when developing an online business. This back-end web application development software is used by approximately 380,996 websites across the globe and has an 18-year trajectory to show for its accomplishments. 

Why Ruby On Rails SEO benefits your eCommerce business 

Now, if you have built an eCommerce store using Ruby On Rails, you or your team are probably already familiar with testing IPs on Ruby, updating product pages, and building a mobile-friendly site. What you might not be familiar with is how Ruby On Rails SEO improves your eCommerce Google rankings. Keep reading to learn the importance of Ruby On Rails SEO and its best practices!

Ruby On Rails SEO Best Practices


Keep your URLs SEO-friendly. 

While many might think that SEO is only about keywords, there are many technical details that can also affect your eCommerce Google Rankings. One of these crucial details is your URLs. Designing a good Ruby On Rails URL for SEO purposes requires a structure that is easy to understand for both search bots and human beings. The perfect SEO-optimized URL should consist of a domain name, a subdomain, folders with keywords, and the page’s file name. 

Use optimized, dynamic meta tags. 

Dynamic meta tags are another key element of Ruby On Rails SEO. While these tags are invisible to the visitors/users of your online store, they help search engine bots crawl and retain relevant information about your different product pages. Dynamic meta tags are generated by Ruby developers using content that’s already been added to your site. The dynamic element of these tags can be a title, keyword, or page body, depending on your specific needs and preferences. 

Add noindex when needed. 

Noindex meta tags help your Ruby On Rails SEO strategy by telling search engines not to add a certain page or pages into their search engines even though they were able to crawl it properly. This ensures the page does not show up on search engine results, which can prevent duplicate content issues within your site. If a page has little to no value to a user, but it’s still useful for the site for SEO purposes, just attach a noindex tag to the HTML code of the site. 

Create sitemaps. 

Sitemaps are an absolute must for any Ruby On Rails SEO strategy. They help search engine bots crawl your site the way it should be crawled, thanks to the list of most important pages they provide to them. This helps search bots find the most relevant content of your site and understand your online store’s structure, making it easier to navigate and index so it can perform better on Google Rankings. 

Geotarget the contents of your eCommerce store. 

Geotargeting content can be an effective SEO strategy for Ruby On Rails websites. When you geotarget through meta tags or SEO campaign features, you can filter through both language and location. This is an essential step for local eCommerce businesses since search engines have now started to factor in location when displaying search results. When you geotarget your the content of your Ruby On Rails eCommerce framework, it helps you gain new leads through search results and ensure customers from your company’s area. 

Take advantage of structured data. 

Structured data is a fantastic way to incorporate more keywords and relevant search terms into your product pages and entire online eCommerce store. This data has been organized into a condensed database, making it easy for it to show as a FAQ section, rating blurb, or contact information. It shows both on your website and on search results so be sure to put only relevant information in there as well as a few keywords. 

Use Breadcrumbs on Rails. 

Breadcrumbs on Rails is a Ruby On Rails SEO plugin that provides users with simple navigation elements and a flexible interface to browse as they prefer. The breadcrumbs are a common UI pattern that creates a trail of events that show how your online store should be navigated. This ensures bots understand your site’s structure and that users know right away where they would need to go next. 

Do you need help developing a Rails application?

At Resolve Digital, we understand the challenges of building a Ruby On Rails eCommerce framework. Developing the right online store and SEO optimizing it for Google rankings can be a hefty task if your company is new to the digital marketplace. We can help you do this through our custom eCommerce development services thanks to our team of experienced IT professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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