From Selection to Profit: The Online Wine Experience

Jul 24, 2020

eCommerce matters more than ever. With the number of online consumers exponentially growing, it is especially important for businesses looking to stand out among their competitors to offer consumers experiences that are unique to their brand. That is exactly what drove United Cellars to build an even more personal and profitable business with their eCommerce site. Today we’ll take a deeper look at what went into making this award-winning brand relevant and increasingly profitable. 

The Story behind the brand. 

As a family-owned business United Cellars has excelled at creating a unique customer experience. Back in 2004, they founded the company on the belief that once you open up a bottle of wine “the experience to follow should speak for itself” a principle that has driven the company to success from the beginning. Today, the company is a premium wine retailer, with a catalog that extends from Australia to New Zealand, Europe, and the Americas. 

What makes the brand stand-out? 

In the delicate business of wine, United Cellars launched their company with the simple idea of selling outstanding wines at fair prices. Wishing to provide “one-on-one service” to customers on their buyer journey, United Cellars launched the business with a   personalized service of sales agents that handled phone inquiries and provided personalized local wine knowledge to customers.  Adding to that their operation an owned and operated warehouse to guarantee prompt delivery. 

United Cellars has been able to build their business with a 100% Satisfaction guarantee, by staying true to providing a top-quality product at low market pricing and betting on their personal service from choosing the right wine to ensuring its safe delivery to customers. 

What brought the brand to sell online? 

Having experienced the success of their personalized service through their sales team, but as the company felt like sales could in fact augment by highlighting wine options on a site. The cost-benefit of being able to further their order fulfillment would prove a worthwhile investment if the site was set up correctly and tailored to their brand. 

That is when the company turned to Resolve Digital and its custom development expertise. Together, the  company launched United’s Spree Commerce site which achieved the overall goal of cutting costs from its operation to achieve  consumer turnover.  Transferring the personal experience of customers to an online journey proved to be successful, with a site providing tailored features of what the customers had come to expect from the brand. 

What made the company decide to invest in Custom Development? 

Having seen the impact of their work prove successful, Resolve Digital remained closely involved in consulting for the newly launched eCommerce site for the company. At the same time, fierce  competitors were also turning to technology to satisfy that desirable customer experience, United Cellars simply had to do more in order for their business to continue thriving. 

Faced with this reality Resolve Digital took to task the idea of actually suggesting wines based on each consumer’s preferences to increase profits.  Resolve Digital came to the United Cellars with the idea of deploying a recommendation engine that would mine useful data to present specific wine selections based on an individual consumer’s likes and desires. Having helped clients increase their revenue with personalized features such as this, Resolve Digital suggested this would generate more revenue by showcasing individual wine options to consumers and further extend their desire to experience new wine. 

With United Cellar onboard this new feature Resolve Digital began collecting relevant consumer data from web analytics to as research. They later took that data to a system called Predictionio which allows for the analytics to become repeatable sets of instructions that learn from this data to make predictions. This would result in an innovative remarketing feature, where the instructions would display new products tailored to consumers’ likes and desires every time they would come back to visit the site. 

When A/B testing, a 71% Boost in Revenue was recorded from this new feature. With a 45% increase in user session lengths, 22% of increase in conversion rates, and 37% increase in their average order size. United Cellar has built a recommendation engine for their website that was not only unique but capable of evolving along with the needs of consumers from both their online and call center outlets. 

Final Remarks: 

United Cellar is an outstanding example of how building longstanding partnerships with agencies who are interested in your success are key. Their trust in Resolve Digital made all the difference in their “one-on-one service” made for an outstanding product among competitors and brought the company to a stellar growth of 71% in sales from a single investment. 

We are proud to work with United Cellars on this tailored solution, from our own desire to see the company thrive.  We believe that we are all in this together and are on a mission to provide innovative eCommerce and SaaS solutions to as many brands  in need as possible. If you, like United Cellars, are looking for a trusted partner to tailor features for your eCommerce site, give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss what can work for your brand. 

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