Compatibility of Zendesk with Shopify: What You Need to Know

Sol Dieguez
May 20, 2022

Zendesk is a well-known cloud-based customer service platform that focuses on improving communication between eCommerce businesses and their clients. It provides complete customer support in a variety of areas. Its offers include customer support, a built-in help center, a live chat, integrated voice solutions, analytics tools, integrated software for community forums, productivity tools for sales teams, and a fully-fledged CRM platform native to AWS.

Considering the many advantages of this cloud-based platform, it’s natural for Zendesk integrations to be increasingly on-demand within the industry. This is especially true when it comes to the biggest platforms for eCommerce websites, like Shopify, Magento, or WP eCommerce. Today we’re focusing on the third-largest online retailer in the United States, right after Amazon and eBay: Shopify. We’ll be answering the question: is Zendesk compatible with Shopify?

Is a Shopify/Zendesk integration possible?

The good news is that connecting Shopify to Zendesk is completely possible. In fact, you can do it both using an existing Zendesk account or without a pre-existing Zendesk account. The Zendesk Shopify app integration is made through the Zendesk app and it’s actually a simple process that should not take much of your time. There’s also the option to integrate Zendesk with Shopift through the Zendesk marketplace and the Shopify for Zendesk integration.

Keep in mind that you need to have an already developed Shopify eCommerce website to be able to perform this integration. We will now guide you through the process of connecting Shopify to Zendesk through the Zendesk app.

Connecting Zendesk and Shopify through the Zendesk app

1. Log into your Shopify account and enter the Shopify App Store.

2. Seach for the Zendesk app or use this link to access it.

3. Install the Zendeks app in your Shopify.

4. Open the app and select “I have an account” or “Get started” and create a Zendesk account.

5. Once you’re logged into your Zendesk account, type in your Zendesk subdomain into the app and press enter.

6. Allow the integration to load in your account - the process is automatic.

7. Install the Shopify web widget to your storefront.

8. Open the Application Panel of Zendeks support anytime you need to view your Shopify app in the Zendesk app.

Connecting Zendesk and Shopify through Shopify for Zendesk.

1. Log in to the Zendesk Marketplace.

2. Install Shopify for Zendesk for a proper Zendesk Shopify app integration.

3. Enter the Admin Center to access the setup page of the Shopify integration.

4. Access the Shopify storefront and type in your Shopify subdomain.

5. Click the Connection Name and enter your preferred title, then press Connect.

6. Select “Install App” to install and access Zendesk from your Shopify storefront.

Do you need help performing a Zendesk Shopify app integration?

While these two methods for connecting Zendesk and Shopify are fairly easy to perform, we understand that there might be other limitations both with your Shopify store or Zendesk app that could prevent the integration. To make Zendesk compatible with Shopify you should have a well-designed Shopify store ready to expand and integrate with other applications.

If you’re looking to develop a Shopify store or expand your existing one, at Resolve Digital we have all the right tools for innovative eCommerce development. Contact us today to learn more about your eCommerce services!

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