Elevating Customer Experience: Introducing Resolve Digital's New CEO

Aug 26, 2020

Resolve Digital LLC together with its partners announced the appointment of David Hemmat as the new Chief Executive Officer. This significant change in leadership reflects Resolve Digital’s commitment to focus on its innovative culture and operational excellence and successfully navigating the Company’s scale-up stage.

Innovation at Resolve Digital is the central-most mission of the company. To that end, Resolve Digital made the commitment to enacting leadership changes, including a new CEO and undertaking a remote-first culture to acquire talent all across the Americas.  In addition to the appointment of Hemmat as CEO, the Company has intentionally shifted its operations to a home-office environment, understanding and responding proactively to clients’ needs during these uncertain times.

David Hemmat, Resolve Digital’s CEO.

David Hemmat joined Resolve Digital in 2017 as Director of Development. He has been a key player in the fulfillment process of the company, establishing the cornerstone methodology of  Build, Maintain and Optimize for clients, Hemmat is an active entrepreneur, he has been credited with shaping much of the customer success in the past year and is best known for his self-starter work ethic at the company.

“I am very excited to take step up as the new CEO of the company, With eCommerce becoming the norm across retail and services industries, Resolve Digital aims to be a key partner in the process of digital transformation and continued growth for many companies in the next few years. Through our extensive experience in the eCommerce industry we are able to help our clients make the leap to offering their customers a superb digital experience  and continuing to grow their companies.”

-David Hemmat, 2020


About Resolve Digital LLC

Founded in 2002, Resolve Digital is a forward-thinking custom software development company, specializing in Ruby on Rails, Spree, and Solidus for eCommerce.  We build, optimize & maintain eCommerce sites and SaaS products. With over 17 years of experience providing top-quality consulting and development services for our clients, the Company values clean design and out-of-the-box thinking and wants their branding to reflect the hard work we put into building great software for clients.Resolve Digital is focused on customizing online stores to match the unique business practices and workflow of eCommerce sites and work with clients to meet the complex challenges of fulfillment and localization requirements.The company uses analytics and machine learning to boost a site’s performance and empower the experience customers have with brands. They optimize important KPIs like average order size and conversions.The company also performs regular upgrades to the Ruby, Ruby on RailsSpree Commerce, and Solidus back-ends. Their mission is to minimize costly disruptions by performing rigorous monitoring and security updates.

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