Spree Commerce Acquisition: Considerations for Migrating to Solidus

Aug 7, 2020

Spree Commerce has been acquired by First Data Corporation. Spree’s partnership program will be terminated and customers using the Wombat integration platform will need to find an alternative by March 31, 2016. Spree Commerce say they are "fully supportive of our open source efforts" but this likely means as a company they will no longer be supporting the open source project.

Solidus: A Step Forward for Open Source

The good news is if you’re using Spree right now, you’ll be interested in a new project called Solidus. Solidus 1.0.0 is a fork of Spree 2.4 and represents the future of the Spree open source community.

Solidus sounds like a completely new thing, but really it’s just a continuation of Spree 2.4 without the commercial direction from Spree Commerce.

How Does Solidus Impact My Spree Store?

If you’re running a Spree store right now you’re probably wondering what this means for you. Spree’s code is open source so even though Spree has been acquired, the code for Spree is and will remain freely available.

Here are some of the scenarios Spree store owners will be in:

  • If you’re currently on Spree 2.4, moving to Solidus should be quite simple.
  • If you’re currently using less than Spree 2.4, we recommend upgrading to Spree 2.4 and then upgrading to Solidus.
  • If you’re currently using Spree 3.0, Solidus promises a “proven upgrade path” to Solidus 1.0.0. You’ll want to thoroughly test this path.

Solidus is a Positive Change

This news might seem scary at first, but it means great things for the future. The Solidus project has already shipped a number of improvements. If you’re thinking about migrating/upgrading your Spree store to Solidus, get in touch and we’ll see about working together on your project.


We've written up a detailed post about Spree vs Solidus, the history of the two projects and ultimately guide you through deciding which eCommerce platform is right for you.

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