Future-Proofing Web Design: Unveiling the Secret with Spree Commerce

Sol Dieguez
Jul 21, 2022

Most people are familiar with Spree Commerce, as this open-source framework helps to develop powerful eCommerce resources. This free codebase can be accessed by programmers from all over the world to build efficient and engaging online stores. Currently, Spree has over 300k registered users and is projected to continue to grow its user base, having already achieved 1 million downloads. 

If you still aren’t too sure about using Spree Commerce development to craft future proof web designs, this article will help you see why this eCommerce platform can benefit your online business. 

6 reasons why Spree Commerce facilitates future proof web design


It features social eCommerce tools. 

Let’s face it, we’re well in the age of social eCommerce. This subset of online shopping integrates different social media strategies and technologies into eCommerce stores, helping customers to interact with each other regarding a certain business. Some ways Spree Commerce development benefits social eCommerce techniques is by including client reviews into the code and allowing store owners to showcase those reviews both on the Google search page and on the store itself. Spree also allows developers to code live chats and referral marketing tools into the websites. 

Spree allows for easy and detailed personalization. 

Product personalization is part of future proof web design thanks to the way it enhances the overall customer experience. Several details allow for easy and effective personalization that can localize your customers in the long term. A few of the personalization features included in the Spree Commerce development platform are the opportunity to personalize items with gift packaging, branded initials or names and personal pictures, individualized product recommendations, and wishlists.  

Cross-platform compatibility for payments and social media. 

It’s no doubt that social media and payment method integrations are essential to the future of eCommerce. Social media helps your online store grow through shares, likes, and reviews while allowing users to choose between different payment methods. A few of the social media tools featured in Spree Commerce are social logins, social sharing buttons, and Facebook profile integrations. As for payment methods, Spree-powered websites can offer customers the chance to pay with credit or debit cards, methods specific to certain countries, and pay in installments with tools like Afterpay

Mobile-first eCommerce approach. 

Mobile-first eCommerce is the key to future-proof web design. Now that most users are making transactions through their smartphones and Google is prioritizing mobile-friendly eCommerce stores, mobile-first development has become an integral part of web development. Lucky for you, Spree Commerce development has a strong mobile-first approach, ensuring UX/UI intuitiveness and featuring different tools such as voice search, push notifications, secure payment processes, and user-friendly product filtering. 

Effective order processing. 

Future-proof web design targeted to eCommerce stores includes some extremely practical solutions, like easy order processing. A successful online business shouldn’t leave their customers waiting for confirmation that their order has been placed or wondering if a shipping code will be coming their way anytime soon. With the Spree Commerce development platform, store owners can set up an efficient management system that allows them to monitor payment methods and sort products and orders through a comprehensive dashboard. 

Spree offers Omnichannel eCommerce capabilities. 

Another key element of future proof web design is an omnichannel approach to eCommerce development. An omnichannel strategy puts clients at the center of the sales funnel and provides them with the optimal shopping conditions to return to a certain online store as often as possible. Every part of the sales journey should ensure a customer experience that surpasses expectations, including channels, integrated platforms, and marketing devices. Spree Commerce development facilitates an omnichannel strategy thanks to the way it offers every feature you need to build a successful online store.

Need help developing a future-proof website with Spree eCommerce? 

At Resolve Digital, we understand that future proof web design can seem daunting if your store doesn’t have a strong software foundation. This is why we offer custom eCommerce development services focusing on different platforms, including Spree Commerce development. Contact us today to learn how we can help you build an eCommerce store that’s ready for the future of online shopping! 

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