Join Us at SolidusConf 2016: Our Attendance and Speaking Engagement

Barry Harrison
Mar 22, 2016

solidus conf

Please join us at Solidus Conf 2016: May 11th -12 at the Yorkville Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

Find out where Solidus is today and where it’s going in the future. Among the presenters, David Jones, our Technical Director, will be speaking on “Machine Learning and eCommerce”.

Here's an outline of David's talk:

The typical off the shelf online store is not enough to compete in today’s market. Machine learning (ML) enables us to deliver a more targeted, personalised and engaging customer experience. I’ll guide you through the complex topic of ML and offer ideas and tips on how and where to apply it successfully.

Special thanks to our friends at Stembolt for organizing this event!

Meet With Us

If you're attending, we'd love to chat. Get in touch to arrange a time to meet with David or Barry during the conference.

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