Unleashing the Power of AWS Cloud Computing for eCommerce

Sol Dieguez
Oct 11, 2022

Amazon Web Services has long dominated the cloud computing field with its AWS cloud computing model, to the point of many wondering if decent alternatives to this productactually exist. With 31% of the market taking advantage of their services, there’s no doubt AWS is a computing option to consider. This is because, besides its massive popularity and widespread usage, AWS’s benefits are undeniable. There are many reasons why AWS cloud computing is great for eCommerce and we’re here to show them to you. You’ll find the key AWS benefits below! 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the use of an online infrastructure to deliver IT resources, such as servers, data storage, information bases, networks, different type of software, and analytics tools, over the internet. In the specific case of AWS cloud computing, this also means delivering said resources through a pay-as-you-go model. With Amazon Cloud Services, companies from all over the world can gain access to different technology services and resources on a need-based basis instead of buying or renting several databases in physical locations. There are several benefits to cloud computing and Amazon Web Services has managed to include all of them in its cloud computing product. Ready to see why AWS is one of the best digital options for eCommerce operations? 

Why use AWS for eCommerce sites? Key AWS benefits

Increased speed.

If there’s one obvious benefit to AWS cloud computing is definitely the increased speed that comes with this service. Amazon Web Services provides a high-performing cloud computing tool that helps you develop and deploy applications faster. Thanks to the bandwidth and speed of AWS, your server will experience an expanded amount of uptime and your IT team will not have to worry about systems lagging if the company websites experience an unexpected influx in traffic. This freedom of use and immediate access to new resources will allow your developers to work faster and experiment without any lingering concerns. You’ll also improve your eCommerce site speed in the process! 


With pay-as-you-go, no resources go to waste. Instead of finding yourself short on resources or spending money on tools you don’t know if you will need yet, your IT team can just pay AWS cloud computing for the resources they’re actually going to use for the project. With AWS, you only spend money on the databases cloud storage, and analytics you need, when you need them. This pricing system makes it easier for companies to budget their resources and control their spending, instead of wondering where all the money went at the end of each quarter. 

Unlimited bandwidth and server capacity

We’ve mentioned the increased speed, both in terms of project completion and eCommerce site performance. Now, AWS cloud computing offers another feature that is bound to make your site more agile than ever: unlimited bandwidth and server capacity. If you’re planning for your eCommerce site to become heavily trafficked, then that’s why AWS is the best option for your online store. Thanks to the pay-as-you-go model, your company can automatically get more capacity through a single click, instead of having to worry about how your IT team would handle the increased traffic. This unlimited bandwidth can also come in handy when it’s time for an eCommerce migration, so consider it a proper investment in the future of your site. 

Strong security.

There’s no need to explain why a heavy-duty security system is absolutely vital for eCommerce stores. If you want to keep your customer data, payment information, address details, and company knowledge safe from any hackers, then your data storage solution needs to feature strong security. That’s one of the main benefits of AWS cloud computing, as physical servers or single servers can be more prone to virus malware or cyber-attacks. But AWS provides businesses from all over the world with a reliable and secure global computing infrastructure that’s heavily protected from all attacks. Plus, AWS cloud computing also allows for multiple backups to ensure your data is well stored and could e retrieved in case of an emergency. 

Flexibility and scalability.

Another key detail to take into consideration when choosing a cloud services provider is the capacity for scalability and how much your site might need to grow in the future. What are the growth objectives for your eCommerce store? Keep them in mind when you pick your provider. In the case of AWS cloud computing, this is one of the many areas where it shines. This cloud computing product offers companies the chance to grow as much as they need to, with the option to always pay for more storage, bandwidth, and server capacity as they go. There are two particular AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, that will allow you to upscale or downscale your eCommerce store as needed. 

Workspace adaptability. 

Did we mention this is a cloud computing service? If your company wants to switch to a fully remote team or already has one, it’ll greatly benefit from the workspace adaptability that AWS cloud computing has to offer. Think of it this way: if your company information and server data were stored in one or two hard drives, your entire team of IT professionals would have to be located within the same area. Considering that outsourcing keeps growing at an unprecedented pace and developers prefer to work from home, it’s important to have your company ready to go remote if you need or want to in the near future. With AWS cloud computing, all your technology resources and company IT information are stored in the cloud and easily accessed by any member of your team. 

Wide variety of available tools. 

While there are other cloud computing service providers, AWS continues to maintain its dominance in this field because of the several benefits it offers to its customers. But the benefits aren’t much if not accompanied by a wide variety of tools available to eCommerce users. Over the past few years, AWS has worked hard to grow its stack of cloud services beyond cloud computing and data storage. A few of our favorite tools from AWS include networking, content delivery, robotics, media services, satellite access, business applications, end-user computing, customer engagement, data analytics, development tools, server management, mobile services, and machine learning. 

Global AWS cloud computing infraestructure. 

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to mention the magnitude of AWS cloud computing. This service provider has a global computing infrastructure all managed through the internet. Amazon Web Services has developed and improved its cloud infrastructure over the years, expanding the reach of its services beyond Noth America. AWS is currently available in 190 countries, boasting a truly global cloud computing infrastructure, and those eCommerce store owners looking to grow their businesses globally can benefit from the large reach offered by this service provider. 

Ready to supercharge your eCommerce site with AWS Cloud Computing?

AWS cloud computing comes with several unique benefits to eCommerce store owners and offers an innovative payment model that will allow you to better handle your computing budget. Between the increased speed, scalability potential, heavy-duty security features, and online global infrastructure, there are many reasons to take the plunge and use AWS as your new cloud computing provider and prepare your site for the best Q4 ever

At Resolve Digital, we have long recognized why AWS cloud computing is great for eCommerce and have a full team of expert professionals well-versed in this program. We understand the challenges of switching to cloud computing and adopting AWS as a new provider. That’s why we offer custom development and eCommerce support to help you take your web and mobile applications to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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