The Importance of Mobile-First Websites in eCommerce

Sol Dieguez
Apr 27, 2022

Mobile-first development has taken over the IT industry in recent years, and with good reason. Considering that 79% of smartphone users made an online transaction using their mobile device in the last 6 months, it’s clear no eCommerce business owner should ignore this potential source of revenue. Still, to enter the mobile eCommerce market, you need a solid mobile-first website first. This will help you enhance your user experience and prepare your brand for the next step within the eCommerce space. Keep reading to learn why mobile-first websites for eCommerce are an absolute must! 

The importance of mobile-first websites for eCommerce

It enhances your customer’s experience. 

Having a carefully designed mobile-first eCommerce website will help you provide a better user experience to your customers. A mobile-friendly experience makes navigating your website much more easier and engaging, causing leads to stay in the store for longer and browse through more products. It’s all about having a strong mobile page speed and optimizing your on-page elements. 

Mobile-first site design makes content easier to share. 

Shareability is key when it comes to building brand awareness and attracting more visitors to your site. It’s a simple matter of device compatibility and in this case, smartphones are better for sharing content and helping it go viral. If you include the necessary share buttons, it’ll allow users to share your product pages with anyone they want almost through any platform they want. 

Mobile-first indexing will benefit your eCommerce SEO strategy. 

Google has recently announced that it will prioritize mobile-optimized posts when it comes to search engine rankings. This means that if your eCommerce store isn’t properly optimized for mobile SEO, your posts will not be able to rank as higher as your competitors. Start building a mobile SEO strategy, design your store to be a mobile-first website for eCommerce, and you’ll start to see growth in regards to your SEO strategy. 

It helps you collect better customer data and product analytics. 

mCommerce allows eCommerce business owners to track the on-site behavior of their different users. With the help of tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, anyone can track how well their site visitors respond to their content and product offers. You can see where your users are located, their age and gender, at what time of the day your pages get the most views, and for how long they stayed on the site. If you have a mobile-first eCommerce store, you’ll be able to gather both desktop and mobile data and use it to 

improve your site’s user experience and captivate all leads for longer. 

Mobile-first websites for eCommerce maximize mCommerce opportunities. 

We’ve mentioned that mCommerce is at the center of the future of online retail. This is why you should put it at the forefront of your eCommerce business’s growth strategy. Still, in order to better capitalize on all mCommerce opportunities, you’ll need mobile-first websites first. Make mobile-first development the priority of your IT team and look for ways to optimize your online store and encourage sales through web design. 

Mobile-first development gives users more opportunities to engage with your eCommerce store. 

Let’s face it, desktop applications aren’t created for on-the-go interactions the way mobile-first websites are. Mobile sites are easier to share, tend to include more links to social media apps, and can be enjoyed no matter the user’s location. Providing your online store with mobile-first development will give potential customers greater opportunities to engage with your products in an easily accessible way. 

Need help developing mobile-first websites for eCommerce? 

At Resolve Digital, we can help you develop mobile-first websites for eCommerce to leverage your business strategy and enter the mCommerce landscape. With our custom software development specifically designed for eCommerce businesses, your company will be able to grow and attract new leads thanks to an optimized online store. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you build mobile-first websites for eCommerce!

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