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Popchips produces a delicious line of popped potato chips. As a growing brand, their legal team reached out to Resolve Digital to help make their website ADA compliant and ensure that it is accessible to people with disabilities.

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Our Work with Popchips

Executive Summary:

Making Their Site Accessible to Every User.

As an innovative brand in the snacking industry, Popchips became a fast growing company thanks to its delicious and unique products. Endorsements from celebrities and other factors played into their legal team growing concerned about the design guidelines of their website, when they turned to Resolve Digital as a trusted partner to guide them in ADA compliance of their site

The Challenge: ADA Compliance

  • To turn an inaccessible website into one accessible to people with disabilities and adhere to the most recent regulations.

The Solution: Full Accessibility

  • To audit, build, fix, and optimize the site in accordance with the latest WCAGs. This would help achieve full accessibility to all users.

The Impact:

  • An accessible site available to millions of vendors and customers worldwide.

About The Client

On a mission to find a healthier way to snack on the same tasty potato chips Keith Belling and Patrick Tupin pursued the creation of Popchips. Their creative minds came together for a year testing different uses of potato and corn products cooked at high pressures and temperatures, until finally they created a new popped chip. They founded the company in 2007, by 2011 it has been voted amongst the top 20 most promising American companies  and today they represent a brand of popped potato and corn products world wide. 

Popchips' Needs

In 2018 the DOJ stated that even though sites are not explicitly mentioned in ADA Title III, they would still be considered to be public accommodations. At that time Popchips came to realize that their current website has not considered a large number of Americans with disabilities to have real access to the site, given they had not implemented the recommended practices for web accessibility. It was at this time that Popchips’ legal team reached out to Resolve Digital for help in making their site ADA-compliant, ensuring access to everyone. 

Our Resolve Digital Solution

Understanding the  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), defined by the W3C, Resolve Digital carefully audited the existing Popchips.com website and made an extensive list of changes that would need to be made to ensure the site was complying with WCAG 2.1 and defined changes required for level A, AA and AAA compliance. In the end, the company opted for a level AA compliance, so as to make the appropriate changes but not affecting the company in any legal conflict from then on.

It took a total of 4 weeks for our team to implement and audit every change to align with the WCAG 2.1 evel guidelines and AA compliance. Resolve Digital also delivered a list of these guidelines so that internal teams like Marketing, that would later edit the website, could confidently do so to continue improving on ADA compliance. 

Resolve Digital established a larger expertise in ADA compliance for sites across the United States by helping Popchips audit and test changes for their website. 

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