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If you have an application that you'd like to keep in good shape but don't have the capacity or knowledge to care for it, we can help! At Resolve Digital, we offer long-term maintenance and support as part of our custom development services. No matter the application you come to us with, our team will make sure to keep it up-to-date, optimize it for maximum online growth, and aid you in navigating any tech challenges that might come up along the way.

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FAQs About The Maintenance & Support Process

What is the scope of maintenance & support?

Our maintenance & support services include software upgrades, performance optimization, repairs, and fixes of your application if it breaks, as well as cybersecurity assistance. We will also help in the case of your application needing to be upgraded or integrated with any new systems.

You've just finished developing my application, do I really need long-term maintenance?

Truth is, this answer will depend on your unique software product. Still, applications often need small up-keeping details to continue performing at its maximum capacity, or will benefit from being updated to a new operating system. The maintenance phase ensures that your project doesn't just get deployed, but it also continues to function effectively and evolve according to user needs over time.

Will I have a dedicated support team?

Yes! At Resolve Digital, we want you to think of us as a long-term nearshore technology partner that you can trust to bring your creative visions to life. As such, we want to cultivate long-standing relationships between our software developers and international clients. Facilitating a dedicated support team who will be with you from the start will allow us to offer unparalleled service and faster technical troubleshooting.

Can you revamp my application?

The short answer is, of course! The long answer is that we'd love to schedule a call with you to discuss what you're really looking to get out of a full app revamp so we can better understand your vision. Once we're on the same page, our team will get right to work and we'll regularly send you in-depth reports about any progress made on your site, as well as schedule regular feedback rounds.

Technologies We Work With

Our custom software development team is well-versed in a variety of tech-stacks, from industry staples to the most innovative technologies. We'll help you figure out which one is the best option for your project, and have our expert developers build a high-powered application that can grow your business.

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