Essential Shopify Integrations for a Successful eCommerce Launch

Sol Dieguez
Sep 23, 2023

An eCommerce launch is never an easy project to tackle, even if you’re building the site on a seamless platform like Shopify. Between defining a solid value proposition and creating the right online store with optimal product/service pages, there are dozens of steps needed to achieve success. But one of the first things every eCommerce team should do is ensure their store has all the features they will need to support their operations. If you’re wondering what your website might be currently missing, here are 8 must-have Shopify integrations for a successful eCommerce launch! 

What is a Shopify interaction and what are Shopify apps? 

Shopify apps are software extensions that expand the capabilities of your Shopify account. These are also called Shopify integrations since these apps are integrated into your Shopify eCommerce store through a simple download. Most of them are created by their-party developers and technology companies, offering a wide range of functionalities such as live chat support, SEO enhancements, and payment processing. These benefits can affect both the server and client sides of your eCommerce platform, depending on your company’s needs and the capabilities of each individual Shopify integration. 

Whether you’re launching your eCommerce website for the first time or are preparing a relaunch after migrating to Shopify eCommerce, integrating innovative Shopify apps into your store will take it to the next level. Before you launch, it’s best to learn all about the must-have Shopify integrations to ensure your website is as complete as possible and add new features to help you capture new leads and optimize your store. To make this easier for you, our team has selected 

8 must-have Shopify integrations to optimize your Shopify store before it launches


1. Booster:Page Speed Optimizer

This free page speed optimizer from Booster Apps is in charge of increasing your conversions and attracting new leads more efficiently through page speed improvements. As you probably know, the new Google Page algorithm increased the importance of responsive web design, page speed, and mobile optimization features. One of the three Core Web Vitals is Loading, which analyses the loading times of your store, measured by Largest Contentful Paint. This is now a key factor when it comes to search engine results, so your Shopify store needs to have an appropriate page speed to rank higher on Google results. 

That’s where must-have Shopify integrations like Booster Page Speed Optimizer come to play. Not only is this Shopify app free, but it also is directly handled through your Shopify C-panel. It’s a seamless integration that allows businesses to prevent lost sales because of loading waiting times, improve page speed, and increase search results with an easy one-click installment process. 

  • Pricing: Free. 


When it comes to getting those lead conversions, opt-in and pop-ups are key parts of the deal. OptinMonster allows you to convert and monetize your website traffic through a simple Shopify integration. This is one of the most used conversion tools out there, especially for Shopify and WordPress eCommerce stores. A good conversion strategy can help you stop losing visitors and lock every lead that comes through your site. 

A few of thebest features of this particular Shopify integration are the ability to choose between pre-built templates or designs from scratch, their powerful targeting and segmentation engine, a drag-and-drop builder, a split test functionality to check your ideas, and geo-location targeting. Overall, the OptinMonster toolkit comes with the following conversion tools: lightbox popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, gamified wheels, page-level targeting, and 100+ templates to choose from. 

  • Pricing: The basic plan starts from 9 USD per month (billed annually). 


We’ve highlighted the importance of customer developmentwithin the eCommerce industry. It’s important to keep all clients happy and respond to any concerns new leads might have while navigating your site. Now, Richpanel offers multi-Channel customer support for Shopify eCommerce stores and has a smooth Shopify integration through the AppStore. The good news is this platform offers way more than your typical chatbox, and its features might just be exactly what your customers are looking for in terms of support. 

The best features of the customer support platform from this list of must-have Shopify integrations are multichannel support (SMS, email, social media, Whatsapp, and live chats), a full customer self-service portal, workforce management, their signature customer support agent console, support performance reports, and a modern interface. 

  • Pricing: The Starter Plan begins at 250 USD per month. 

4.Smile eCommerce 

Retaining customers is a key element for long-term eCommerce success. But how can you make sure you achieve this? The answer is actually quite simple: through expert loyalty management software. This must-have Shopify integration will help both industry newbies and eCommerce businesses with an established client base increase their customer engagement rates and see an increase in sales from existing leads. These loyalty programs have become a smart eCommerce strategy for survival. 

What Smile does is offer different reward and loyalty programs to your clients, allowing brands to initiate different referral programs from the same site. Its features include a social media activity reward system, membership management, customizable email templates, product purchase rewards, referral tracking, and reward system, and product reviews and ratings. 

  • Pricing: There’s a free version with limited functionalities. Otherwise, the Starter Pack is priced at 49 USD per month. 

5.Shop Phone app.

There’s nothing more devastating than an abandoned cart, right? Well, Shop Phone will alert you when people abandon their carts at checkout so you can reach out to each customer and close the sale through a private conversation. These notifications will help you stay on top of your business and close more sales on a daily basis. 

One of the best things about the Shop Phone app is that its notifications are 100% customizable. Only want to learn about the most expensive abandoned checkouts? Sure. Need a reminder whenever a timely follow-up email campaign is due for a customer? No problem. From daily call lists to VIP client alerts, Shop Phone will help you strengthen your relationships with your customers. 

  • Pricing: There’s a free plan, but if you need more, the Basic Plan starts at 9 USD per month. 


If you have strong ambitions for your eCommerce business you probably want to think beyond Shopify. Amazon, Walmart, and eBay might be a few industry names in mind when it comes to scalability. But selling your products or services on multiple channels at once can seem a bit overly time-consuming, right? With Sellbrite, selling on the world’s biggest marketplaces can be done in just a few clicks. 

Sellbrite is a cloud-based inventory ad stock management tool that offers a joint interface to update your listings for all marketplaces from the same interface ad using a single control panel. With the help of this Shopify integration, you can update your inventory on multiple channels to reach more customers, all through stylish templates that help you save even more of your time. 

  • Pricing: 

7.Launchpad ecommerce

This free Shopify integration is only available for Shopify Plus customers, but it’s still a great deal f you are able to access it. Launchpad is a scheduling tool that integrates into your Shopify admin account to help you schedule press releases, product visibility campaigns, flash sales, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and forms or other CTAs with ease. This will allow you to save time and be able to rapidly adhere your store to the latest eCommerce trends of the year. 

  • Pricing: Free for Shopify Plus users. 


The final app in our must-have Shopify integrations list has to do with shipping. While we understand that not all eCommerce websites sell physical products, we also know a huge number of them do dedicate themselves to this activity. That’s why we needed to include a Shopify app to help you improve your shipping strategy. 

Ship Station is a shipping tool that will help eCommerce businesses streamline their shipping process to optimize deliveries. This can improve your performance on increased fulfillment demands and better customer satisfaction rates, as your clients receive their products on time and in perfect conditions. The tools this shipping solution offers are the importation of orders, shipping management, label printing features, and instant update tracking.

  • Pricing: The Starter plan starts at 9 USD a month. 

Looking to build an eCommerce store or add any of these must-have Shopify integrations to your existing site? 

Now that you’re familiar with the must-have Shopify integrations for a successful eCommerce launch, all you need to do is consider which apps will serve your site the best. At Resolve Digital, we not only offer personalized advice about expansion opportunities for eCommerce stores, but we also have a tea of expert professionals ready to build a Shopify store from the ground up at any given time. Contact us today to learn more about our custom development services!

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