Top Live Chat Apps for eCommerce in 2022

Sol Dieguez
Mar 2, 2022

All great eCommerce stores need to have some sort of live chat widget. Whether it involves actual human interaction with a customer support executive or if it’s 100% AI-powered through a chatbot, the option to contact the store through live chatting should be there. This will strengthen the relationship with all existing and potential customers of your store and add credibility to your brand. Though we understand it can be tricky to decide which live chat software is the best for your business. That’s why we’ve decided to bring you a roundup of the best live chat apps for eCommerce in 2022.

Our choice for best live chat apps for eCommerce stores

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk chat provides eCommerce store owners with both live chats via agents and chatbots solutions. This is a great opportunity for your business to offer around-the-clock customer support and distinguish itself from the competition. The software includes features such as a unified funnel for all chats, a large marketplace with third-party add-ons, an integrated information database for customer self-support, and tools for future software integrations. This ongoing chat experience can be personalized to each unique user to build a stronger relationship with your brand, making it one of the best live chat apps for eCommerce in 2022.

**Pricing: **The Foundational Support Plan starts at $19 per month.


LiveChat is another one of the best apps for live chats in 2022 that mixes human interaction with a powerful AI system. It features multiple systems, allowing eCommerce business owners to create a customized customer support bundle according to their particular live chat needs. The native tools found in this live chat software help to designate the chats to the right customer support executive by segmenting the live chat depending on the user’s behavior on the store’s site. Besides featuring more than 200 integration options to help you build a well-rounded customer support and lead generation suite, this software is also compatible with all the popular messaging channels, such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

**Pricing: **The Starter Plan begins at $16 a month.

Tidio Chat

If you have a Shopify eCommerce store, then Tidio Chat might just be the option to improve your business’s customer service. This live chat software includes a Shopify chatbot that comes with different templates to craft the best responses depending on your store’s niche and customer demographics. There are many other features that put this software among the best live chat apps for eCommerce in 2022, such as live visitors monitoring, notifications of incoming users, automated messages targeted according to customer behavior, WordPress plugins, and automated email responses for offline inquiries. On top of it all, there’s a 100% free version of this live chat software!

**Pricing: **The free plan includes up to three operators and unlimited chats and chatbots. If you need more, the premium plans start at $18 per month.Chatra

For those looking for the best live chat apps for eCommerce featuring a generous free forever plan, Chatra might just be the perfect fit. While this is a more basic software, it offers all the must-have functionalities and is quite user-friendly. Not only does Chatra feature a large array of connectors - such as Slack, Google Analytics, and Notion - but it also has a dedicated IOS and Android mobile application. This app lets customer support executives answer users from any place at any time, allowing for 24-hour customer service if needed. Group live chats are also included on the free plan to provide users with well-rounded support.

**Pricing: **There’s both a Free Forever plan that’s perfect for small to medium businesses and a premium subscription available for eCommerce companies needing to further escalate their customer support. Chaport

Chaport is best for companies looking for multilingual customer support and live chat software, as it features over 29 languages. Not only is this live chat app for eCommerce notably easy to install, but it also tracks how many visitors your online store has per day, week, or month. This helps businesses keep a record of their lead generation efforts and determine which strategies work best for their particular offer. There are options for support agents to manually initiate a conversation with a user if they see fit, adding a proactive alternative to typical live chat procedures. Though it also features an AI chatbot to help filter some of the easiest customer questions and optimize your store’s resources. The software also includes a native IOS and Android app to help customer representatives manage multiple live chats at once no matter their work location.

**Pricing: **There’s a Free Forever plan with limited functionalities, while premium subscriptions start at $15 per month.Olark

This is one of the best online chat apps in terms of user interface and organization of customer data. It features both live chats and chatbots functionalities, so agents can decide which option suits each situation best and provide continuous customer support. An integrated chatbot is a great tool for handling frequently asked questions and other generic customer issues. Olark includes software enhancements to help businesses learn from every customer service interaction and optimize their live chat support, through real-time reports and different analytics. There are also various third-party integrations available, with the most popular ones being MailChimp and Salesforce.

**Pricing: **The packages start at $25 per month.Intercom

Intercom is among the best live chat apps for eCommerce in 2022 thanks to its customized support packages tailored to every business in particular. The flexibility and the effectiveness of the integrations it offers helped Intercom cement its reputation as a support tool giant within the eCommerce industry. This software also mixes human support with chatbots offering automated responses. Our favorite thing about it is that it offers a somewhat rare functionality compared to its competitors: the option to conduct A/B testing on the different welcome messages. Overall, it’s a solid and highly reliable live chat application that boasts an impressive amount of customization.

**Pricing: **This live chat software starts at $79 per month, a price considerably higher than its competition but made worthy through customized packages.LivePerson

What LivePerson does great is offering a versatile live chat software that also features lead generation tools. The chat solutions of this live chat app are quite powerful, including conversational AI, canned chatbot messages, automatic messaging, custom texts, and a native mobile application to stay connected on the go through push notifications. As for the lead generation functionalities, this live chat app can also help eCommerce businesses create and distribute customized email campaigns through a bot created specifically for this task. All chatbots from LivePerson store all relevant information to provide more personalized customer support.


Drift is more than a live chat app. This is a fully-fledged revenue acceleration platform that can help you build your brand’s presence and increase your sales at the same time. It has several conversational marketing features, including visitor intelligence, target account engagement, real-time personalization, custom chatbots, AI chatbots, and custom analytics. You can test-drive Drift as well as do a live demo to check out its features and decide for yourself if it suits your marketing needs.

Do you need help taking your eCommerce store to the next level? Let us help your business grow! We hope this article helped you determine which live chat software is the best for your eCommerce business and become more familiar with the different options available for store owners. There are many chatbots out there but the eight mentioned in this article are the best live chat apps for eCommerce in 2022. Remember that if you need to take your eCommerce website to the next level, at Resolve Digital we are more than happy to help. Our team has worked on live chat integrations, custom software optimizations, store migrations, and more. Contact us today and let us know what services your eCommerce store needs!

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