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Silicon Valley’s premier drone company and North America’s largest drone maker, 3DR puts nothing less than magic in your hands with the help of Resolve Digital.

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Our Work with 3D Robotics

Executive Summary:

Improving Fulfillment For the Brand.

As the smartest and most technologically advanced drone company in the world, their business was fast growing. This became a problem for the Spree Commerce site when incorrect and invalid shipping addresses started to add up. They turned to the expertise of Resolve Digital to build a custom solution for validation.

The Challenge: Costumer Experience

  • To implement an address validation system before the customer checks out.

The Solution: Address Verification

  • To build a popup modal window that prompts customers to validate their address before check out.

The Impact:

  • Dramatically reducing the number of manual adjustments that were costing the company much needed time and resources.

About The Client

Before 2016, 3D Robotics was the largest drone manufacturer in the world. The company designed and marketed commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles. Their mission was to help people see the world from above, regardless of the objective.

3D Robotics was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Jordi Muñoz and Chris Anderson. Years prior, Muñoz managed to hack his Wii Nintendo and experiment with a toy
helicopter, to later achieve an automated flight. He uploaded a video of this flight to DIYDrones which later caught the attention of Chris Anderson, founder of
DIYDrones.com. That attention quickly turned into a small investment for Jordi to replicate the technology which had allowed him to achieve this flight and catapulted the
company into promising sales.

3D Robotics' Needs

The company owns and operates their Spree Commerce site through which it delivers its products to end clients, including shipping and handling. 3D Robotics had been managing
their order through a set of manual reviews for customer shipping addresses. However, they were being drained by constant mistakes on the client’s side that ultimately affected
the quality of their fulfillment. Over time, they faced issues with unsatisfactory speed and quality of fulfillment. With the need to optimize their process 3D Robotics partnered with
Resolve Digital to find the most effective solution in the least amount of time.

Our Resolve Digital Solution

Understanding the pain points of their manual process, we engaged with 3D Robotics to help them build a custom solution. The issue with address validation occurred in Netsuite, which uses the FedEx address validation APIs, so it made sense to use these same APIs
in the Spree checkout process to ensure consistency. On the customer side, our goal was to minimize the number of steps required to complete the transaction. Our solution was a popup modal window that prompts customers to select the entered address or the validated one. The validated address is saved so there’s no need to display the modal window for any future orders, and all stored addresses are verified.

With the work done by Resolve Digital, the company saw a dramatic drop in the number of manual adjustments necessary to fix shipping addresses, and ensures packages are dispatched as swiftly as possible – leading to happier customers and lower costs.

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