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Have a beautiful and highly technical application deployed with barely any visitors? You're probably struggling to attract leads and feel ready to switch things up. At Resolve Digital, we can  help you supercharge your marketing strategy through a tried-and-tested inbound process, optimize your social media content, write SEO-focused blogs, and find newer and better clients.

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We sync-up Accounts, Recurring Tasks, and Get Fully Aligned

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We deploy a custom-made marketing strategy

FAQs About Our Marketing Services

What is application marketing?

Application marketing consists of strategies and tactics used to promote and/or sell your mobile or web applications to potential users. It includes app store optimization, social media marketing, email campaigns, laser-focused SEO, and more.

How can we measure the success of your marketing efforts?

The success of our campaigns can be measured using various metrics, including app downloads, website visits, user engagement, retention rates, number of conversions, and the overall return on investment of the many marketing campaigns we'll complete together.

Can a new marketing strategy impact our app's search ranking in app stores or Google?

Of course - in a good way! Our search engine optimization services ensure your application rankings improve so more people can find your business online. From app store rankings to SERP sections on Google, we'll grow your search positions to ensure a steady flow of inbound leads.

Can content marketing be used to promote our app? How?

Yes, content marketing is a powerful strategy to attract and engage potential users. Creating valuable content that addresses your target audience's needs or interests can drive increased traffic to your applications. This usually includes blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and other forms of content related to your app's theme or functionality that are specifically targeted to your ideal audience. We'll develop the best content strategy for your business together!

Technologies We Work With

Our custom software development team is well-versed in a variety of tech-stacks, from industry staples to the most innovative technologies. We'll help you figure out which one is the best option for your project, and have our expert developers build a high-powered application that can grow your business.

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